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Skydive July 9th 2011: Mission Tanzania!

By Majidur Rahman, External Affairs Co-ordinator

The day began in Clapton Station at 7.30am; all the volunteers met up and we were driven to Beccles airfield in Suffolk, arriving by 10.10am.

There, the reality of the task ahead was beginning to sink in. The plane was in sight, and clear blue sky with dispersed array of clouds above was inviting yet daunting.

Upon arrival, we were asked for our signatures on disclaimers (death warrant as I called them at the time). After that we were lead to a hanger and given a 10 minute brief; this is where the nerves began creeping in more so and, as cool as everyone was trying to look, the tension was clear on our faces, as it was a first time for all. Following the brief we were given our suits told to put them on then lead onto the plane. It took 15 mins to reach the desired altitude of 15000 feet and throughout the flight we were being reassured and instructed by our tandem guys. This was nice and helped the nerves.

Fully secured and strapped to my instructor I was hurled from the plane plummeting at 120mph for 5000 feet, which supposedly took 40secs however it only felt a mere second.  My last thought as I jumped was barely complete, as it happened so fast and falling through the cloud was absolutely breath taking. The parachute was deployed at 4400 feet and this descent lasted 10-15 mins and the view was just amazing, however as we got closer to the ground and the parachute began to spin more and more, motion sickness kicked and the upon landing I was left drained and feeling sickly.

All in all, I must say this is a definite once-in-a-lifetime experience and “a must do for all“; if it wasn’t for motion sickness at the end, I would have even considered doing it again.

Skydive: mission Tanzania has been a huge success and the initial fundraising target has been reached, a huge thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement.Donations are still being accepted.


BPP Legal Awareness Society: A burger business lunch

We met up this afternoon at Gourmet Kitchen Burger at Belsize Park to discuss our student society at BPP.

We felt that we enjoyed the Twitter thread enormously (‘@legalaware’), as we had a lot of really nice genuine conversations with like-minded people. The Twitter thread and this blog are very successful.

We also considered how we wished to get the most of our meetings for all students at BPP. We wished to involve more the marketing and finance students also at BPP Business School, though our meetings are open to all students (of all disciplines) at BPP. We have to ensure that we are able to invite interesting people to our meetings, without giving any undue favouritism to any invited guest.











Of course, we paid for our own burgers and Coca Cola!


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