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Amy Winehouse: a disgraceful performance whatever the reasons

I don’t know the reason for this disgraceful performance. All I can say, it is abysmal, and reminds me, rightly or wrongly, why it is important for people with problems to get help in abstinence and recovery. I have been in recovery from a severe alcohol dependence syndrome for 55 months, and is the best thing has happened to me. People do not need moralistic judgments; the performance is a disgrace for somebody so talented. People with addiction problems need medical help to save themselves from a slow death. I hope that Amy Winehouse’s health is very good currently though; presumption of innocence is extremely important in the law.


I did a period in rehab once. It didn’t work. I have been in recovery now for 45 months. You have to have to understand addiction of alcohol to make it work. Unless you have a willpower and fully acknowledge that alcohol addiction is a lifelong medical condition you have to learn to live with, you can’t make it.

I even tried equine therapy when my late father, my mum and I were really desperate. Don’t ask me what this involved!

Here’s the brilliant track from Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”.

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