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Amy Winehouse reported dead

Very few things indeed shock me. I have been in recovery for just over 4 years now.

I knew things were still bad for Amy Winehouse – I called her recent performance ‘disgraceful’, as it reminded me of all the things you do during your alcoholism which you are ashamed of. You never feel as if you get rid of that guilt or shame, but the 12 steps is a way used by many to get to grips with the personal inventory, and to try to live with this knowledge.

I never knew the reason for the performance, of a concert available on YouTube. However, I have always thought that this problem she suffered was impossible to resolve, unless Amy embraced recovery.

This is incredibly sad, and upsetting for people like me who understand the true uphill battle of recovery. You must live in abstinence, and thereafter somehow learn to live in recovery. I feel very intensely sad for Mitch, her father. I have never cried so much, except for my own father’s death.

May she find peace now.

A real shock.

Truly heartbreaking.


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