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Another 5 years of David Cameron? I really hope not.

David Cameron
What is most intriguing in the in-depth analysis of Ed Miliband as Prime Minister is that most people I know would rather emigrate from the UK rather than to face another five years of David Cameron.

David Cameron has presided over an unbelievable mess in welfare benefits. I’ve lost count of people including myself who suddenly had their welfare benefits stopped (in my case disability living allowance due to physical disability), who just ‘fell off’ the benefits register. I had to have two appeals, and then go to a tribunal, before I was restored to the benefit I had received previously. And in the meantime there had been absolutely no improvement in my disability symptoms.

David Cameron has presided over an economy which works well for the very wealthy – but this is a dangerous time to be vulnerable. It is sheer bare faced cheek to claim the economy is healthy when it can’t muster enough tax receipts to keep public services going. A record number of people in employment, with a growing population in the UK, is short shrift for a society which cannot pay benefits in a timely manner such that a record number of people has to go to food banks. This is precisely what you get when you a bargain basement low wage economy, fuelled by zero hour contracts, with slashing of employment rights.

The Conservative narrative is a highly fraudulent one. Shortly before Lehman Brothers crashed, George Osborne had been boasting about how he would match Labour on spending commitments. So far from giving keys back to the driver who crashed the car, Osborne was the co-driver. Osborne wrote in ebullient terms about the deregulated Iceland – the one which crashed big time. It’s simply a pack of lies, needed to produce a malnourished State of public services, whereas corporates still get their cushy state handouts – such as proceeds from the privatisation of Royal Mail. This time, the Liberal Democrats, under Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander, have been first in the queue chanting repetitively their pack of lies.

David Cameron’s cardinal sin was never to mention the devastating £3 billion reorganisation of the NHS. This four hundred page piece of law, only made possible with the Liberal Democrats on the accelerator pedal not the brake, did not have a single clause on patient safety (apart from abolition of the National Patient Safety Agency). It was the wrong piece of law at the wrong time. With social care on its knees, it did nothing to make the health and care systems fit for purpose. Hospitals simply cannot discharge NHS patients in a timely fashion to social care currently. Add on top of this the chaos in A&E waits, it’s now a case that individuals cannot both enter hospital and cannot leave hospital. The NHS simply could not cope with another five months of this utter mess, let alone another five years under David Cameron.

Cameron and Hunt have presided over a disastrous NHS. How dare they.

But the legislation was not a waste of time for the people who have been behind this Government every step of the way. Lurking in the shadows of ‘The Big Society’ are the big private equity backers. They’re the ones who have controlling stakes in private finance initiative hospitals which they can slept a profit. Eye watering contracts of NHS services are being flogged off to the private sector. Even the late Harold Macmillan, a previous Tory prime minister, resented the selling off of the ‘nation’s silver’ under the prime successor, Margaret Thatcher. Privatisation is simply transfer of resources from the public sector to the private sector. You’d have to be an idiot not to understand that.

Somebody who is far from an idiot, Oliver Letwin, has explained the critical rôle of outsourcing of services (source here).

Bringing about the phenomenon

Just in case there is a hung parliament it’s become vital to think who could prop up another failed Tory administration. Vote for Alex Salmond or Nick Clegg at your peril.

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