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Yellow paint? Sorted!

I have a steady stream of Twitter comments all day, many of which are interesting as I follow interesting people! It’s a happy coincidence that I follow most people who follow me.

I love certain types of joke on Twitter. I particularly like jokes  of this very variety, by experienced #legaltweep @charonqc:



So my mind has been wandering in the last few hours while I’ve been listening to back-to-back Business Law Practice lectures on the Legal Practice Course.

Frustrated with spending all week highlighting my Butterworths Company Law handbook in yellow highlighter pen, this was the best (only) I could come up with.

Either way, leaving you with a positive worthwhile message for this blog post, I suggest the following for @BPPLawSchool LPC students of Business Law Practice (“BLP”):






It’s really hard to match the elegance of @charonqc‘s humour in fact, as I am sure many of you will have noticed!

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