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Now recruiting – new President of BPP Legal Awareness Society (closing 17/7; interviews 22/7)


The BPP Legal Awareness Society is a flagship leader in the BPP Students Association community.

The current brochure is available at:

As you’ll be aware, I myself presented 4 workshops on commercial awareness earlier this year in Holborn. Successful delegates who attended my workshops nationally were awarded a certificate of attendance.

As I hope to be leaving BPP soon, with much sadness, the last thing I should do is to appoint a new President and new Committee for next academic year (2013-4).

*The positions are: President (in charge of events, internal stakeholder meetings at BPP), Vice-President (assisting the President), Publicity Officer (self-explanatory), Events Co-ordinator (self-explanatory). Please feel free to propose an Officer for an ‘unmet need’.*

The selection committee will consist of me, Sonia Goodman (President of the BPP Commercial Awareness Society, London), and a member of the current student engagement team at BPP.

To be eligible to apply for any of these positions you must meet all of the following selection criteria:

1. A student enrolled on a BPP course of any discipline, at any site, for the substantial part of academic year 2013-4.

2. A commitment to hosting Society meetings of any nature, consistent with student conduct at BPP and with the stipulated aims of the BPP Legal Awareness Society. The Committee will be responsible for organising hosting of these meetings through room bookings at BPP, and will be responsible for all security at meetings.

3. The President and Committee will specifically extend the strategy of promoting commercial awareness, and endeavour to promote this value both locally and nationally.

All applications for any of the posts on the Committee must be received by 4 pm on this email address by Friday 12 July 2013.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on email should you have any inquiries. To apply send me an email as well. The email address is:

To apply:

Submit a brief statement containing

1. Name and relevant correspondence details
2. Educational past and present

3. Explain, in no more than 150 words, why you would like to become a student representative of the BPP Legal Awareness Society.

4. Why do you think commercial awareness, or an insight into how companies function, is important in the legal profession, and how can it best be promoted? (Please do not write more than 200 words.)

5. What position would you like to apply for and why do you think you are suited for this rĂ´le? Please provide brief reasons. (Please do not write more than 100 words.)

6. What positions of responsibility have you held before? Also list any relevant extracurricular activities which you feel may be helpful. (Please do not write more than 200 words.)

7. Please add any further information which you feel will be useful for your application. (unlimited)

Shortlisting will occur in the week beginning Monday 15 July 2013, and students will be invited for interview on Wednesday 17th July 2013. We will be unable to contact unsuccessful applicants.

Interviews will be held on Monday 22 July 2013. It is likely that I will interview with Sonia Goodman or Shabnan Aziz, incoming Chief Executive of BPP Students, if either of them are available. Appointments will be made on that day.

Best of luck!

Shibley, BPP Legal Awareness Society President 2011-3.

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