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Plea to the BBC : I have never been a stalker

Public confidence is a big deal to the regulatory bodies in law and medicine. Likewise, I feel that it is time for me to protect myself at long last against three stories on the BBC that call me a stalker. They have refused to get rid of this despite months of me asking them to do so (via BBC Complaints). Of course, I’m upset as the BBC ran this story during the actual hearing itself. There is in fact such a thing as article 6 to protect against this sort of thing – right to a fair trial. I believe that this was a big reason why the GMC (General Medical Council) took a somewhat kneejerk reaction to erase me off the medical register, when everyone knows I’ve had a long and now successful battle against alcoholism. I was unconscious in a coma for 2 months in 2007 the year after beings struck off, and I have never touched a drop of alcohol since. The thing actually I feel most embittered about is that the GMC never appointed a health supervisor whilst I was on the register for 2004-2006, in other words they breached their own ‘duty of care’ towards doctors, and that they have only suspended doctors for plagiarism, attempted manslaughter/murder or failure to detect child abuse in the subsequent years. I was a sick doctor who needed treatment. I am under a psychiatrist today, and I am very proud of recovery. I have done two law degrees, set up my own private limited company, done two books and written three research paper.

I am however thoroughly sick of it, as I have six degrees, and when people do a search on my name they find the offending article. It stops me possibly getting jobs. I applied for 30 jobs last year, and didn’t get any of them. So I would like to say something about public confidence. The public should not be confident in a huge organisation such as the BBC making mincemeat out of someone bordering on defamation. I am too poor to go to a lawyer such as Carter Ruck who would sort this sort of rubbish out instantly. Read the letter below. All my friends on Facebook are too polite to mention it. I would like to think that a lot of my friends there are genuine and see beyond the spin. I won’t even go into why this story has been given rocket boosters by BBC. I find it insulting that after 10 years in medicine including a PhD I ended up in the Entertainment section, with a picture of my elderly frail father there against his will. The BBC first became aware of this in December 2009 and refused to do anything about it. I am really sick of it, as I keep on being told it undermines public reputation in me.

I believe in a new innovative approach to reform of the criminal justice system and mental illness, as one would expect!

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