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  I spent nine years at medical school, and about very few as a junior doctor. I’ve now been in recovery for just over seven years. But in that time I do remember doing shifts starting at Friday morning and …

14th September, 2014 | Read More

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Being restored to the GMC Medical Register has been a massive dream come true

  I spent nine years at medical school, and about very few as a junior doctor. I’ve now been in recovery for just over seven years. But in that time I do remember doing shifts starting at Friday morning and …

14th September, 2014 | Read More

I can see why some Doctors would be driven to suicide. I was mentally ill, and felt the same with the GMC FTP.

At least 96 doctors have died while facing a fitness-to-practise investigation from the General Medical Council since 2004, though it is not clear how many of these cases were suicide. I can understand exactly how this has happened. I had …

4th August, 2014 | Read More

My own medical career may be over, but the GMC must reform their procedures for sick doctors. Lives depend on it.

One of the ways that the General Medical Council will try to pin you down is if you appear blasé in any sense about your own behaviour, or lack insight into its repercussions. I have a psychiatrist in West London …

26th July, 2014 | Read More

Whose turn is it for us to alienate now?

One of my latest memories of the dying Thatcher government in 1990 was how it seemed that they were in office but not in power, and how they were just picking off sectors of society to alienate one by one. …

30th June, 2014 | Read More
  • "Although the blog is left-leaning, I enjoy reading it, because it gives a fair and balanced perspective, which isn't the case with many aligned blogs."

    Walaa Idris, popular Conservative Blogger, speaker and political activist

  • "Dr Shibley Rahman's blog and website are one that I read on a daily basis. His non-partisan and open-minded thinking appeal to the less tribal of political followers, and always make for thoughtful discussion."

    Spidey, popular Liberal Democrat Blogger, political activist and Executive Committee member for West Woking Liberal Democrats.

  • "I can‘t recommend his website highly enough. Dr Shibley Rahman brings a dazzling intellect to political debate. If you want knee-jerk, tribal reactions, go elsewhere! Shibley's opinions are always balanced, never clouded and definitely worth reading."

    Sue Marsh, the ‘Diary of a Benefit Scrounger’ blog

  • "Razor-sharp thinking and the only Labour blog I read - Shibley's a gem among rocks!"

    (Also @LiamRhodes, popular Conservatives tweeter) Liam Rhodes, popular Conservative Blogger, CoAmber Valley Conservatives

  • "The site is great, and the content even better. Shibley does a great job and this site is a testament to his hard work!"

    Andy Kinsey, Creative Director, Andy Kinsey Designs (Also @andykinsey, popular Labour tweeter)

  • "In moments of lucidity, Shibley Rahman breaks through barriers of subjects normally considered taboo such as dementia, alcoholism and a unique but welcome brand of Labour party politics, worthy of your bookmark. "

    "Rightly Wry, Satirically RIGHT" Conservative Blogger (Also @Parlez_me_nTory, popular Conservatives tweeter)

  • "Shibley‘s blog is excellent, providing interesting insightful opinions and some alternative views, a good read."

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  • " is simply an essential blog for those who are looking for an educated, insightful and personal view of the real politic, i.e. life! Challenging, humorous and engaging, you will find openness and a truly independent voice here."

    Jamie Glenday, Arts and Social Media Consultant

  • "I very much like the blog exactly as it is. I find it immensely readable, and altho’ we‘re both ‘Lefties’, I enjoy your sometimes alternative slant on the movement. Gives me food for thought!"

    @yorkierose, popular Labour tweeter

Dr shibley rahman curriculum vitae public version july 2013 from shibley

Completed the Legal Practice Course (full-time and part-time) at BPP Law SchoolHolborn January 2012-February 2013.  Had been awarded full student enrolment after a full and complete disclosure of my life at the time of an extensive interview at the Head Office of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, December 2010.

I had become disabled as a result of my coma in the summer of 2007 due to acute meningitis. I was admitted to my local hospital, having had a cardiac arrest and epileptic seizure in one day. Following this, I was wheelchair-bound for a few months, and initially couldn’t talk either. Towards the end of 2007, I learnt how to walk again with a rollator to help. I therefore am a lifelong supporter of @MeningitisNow.

This is the personal blog of Dr Shibley Rahman, whose range of interests have now become very diverse.

I sometimes write blogposts on this website, but increasingly less frequently. I am more interested in the numerous academic projects I’m doing, as that is what I have been trained in, and given support for. If you wish to catch up with me on Twitter, I can be found at @legalaware as well as @shibley_rahman. I currently have over 11000 followers on my @legalaware account and I am humbled to be followed by some extremely well-known left-wing journalists on my @shibley_rahman account too (though my follower number is far smaller there.)

He is passionate about the arts and culture, current affairs, UK politics and curries.

He fundamentally believes in fairness, equality and justice.


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This blog is dedicated to the father of Dr Shibley Rahman, Dr Muhammed K Rahman, who was devoted to general practice for over 20 years in Sussex.

About Dr Shibley Rahman

Dr Shibley Rahman is an academic of distinction in the neurosciences and academic cognitive neurology, as a world expert in frontal variant frontotemporal dementia.

His seminal paper on the cognition of patients with this condition from the journal Brain in 1999 continues to attract considerable world-wide attention, is well-thought of in the academic community, and he has been the leading author on many international publications in dementia.

He, to this day, is most interested in any research that improves the quality-of-life of patients with dementia.

Dementia research, being a passion of Shibley, is represented on this blog here. Having been qualified to postgraduate level in medicine and law, he has written books on postgraduate medicine, and is the company director of an e-learning company in law and medicine (more information here).

As a registered PRINCE2 practitioner, he is also a business enthusiast, and completed all his MBA examinations at the first sitting (January 2011-January 2012).

Personally, he only just survived a two-month coma with meningitis in 2007 (these events have had a profound impact oh his life, described here). This has shaped his life, as he has not touched a drop of alcohol since. He was alcoholic between 2003-2007, and is passionate about explaining his recovery to others who have battled alcoholism for which he receives active therapy (More about this here). Shibley finds that life is really good.

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It is a delight to blog for the Socialist Health Association website (where I am a member of the Central Council): to go to my ‘profile’, please click here.


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Finally, I would be delighted if you looked at some of my research.

Shibley Rahman

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